Introducing: The Westerly Collection


We’ve been keeping a secret for a while here at Guild HQ and it’s been pretty difficult to stay quiet…But no longer! Today, we’re excited to announce The Westerly Collection, a new series of all solid acoustic guitars that pays homage to Guild’s Westerly, Rhode Island era (1960s-1990s).

We wanted to develop a product that incorporated all solid woods and the top notch craftsmanship Guild is known for, less the hefty price tag. With design input from players, artists, dealers and Ren Ferguson, Guild’s VP of R&D and Manufacturing, the Westerly guitars feature a 1 3/4” nut width on a vintage shaped Guild neck (1 7/8” on 12-string models), iconic Chesterfield headstock emblem reminiscent of 1960s Guilds, period correct tortoiseshell pickguard, and Guild’s new lightweight polyfoam case.

If you browse our website, you’ll notice that The Westerly Collection uses a standardized naming system to indicate the guitar’s shape and woods. The 120 level signifies a solid mahogany top, back, sides; the 140 level indicates a solid spruce top with solid mahogany back and sides; and the 150 level signifies the ever-popular solid spruce and solid rosewood combination. Body shapes include Guild’s traditional small body Concert (M), Orchestra (OM), Dreadnought (D), and of course, Guild’s famous Jumbo 6 and 12 string (F).

We’re particularly excited about three new models: the M-140, M-140E, and B-140E acoustic bass. The M-140 brings a spruce top option to the best selling M-120, and is offered with a Fishman Sonitone as well (M-140E). The B-140E is based on several Guild acoustic basses of the past, which are known for their jumbo body and big acoustic sound. Like the rest of the line, the B-140E is built with all solid woods, and also comes equipped with a Fishman Sonitone Bass pickup

Guild’s Westerly Rhode Island era is known as a golden period in Guild’s history for its innovations and commitment to quality. After relocating to Westerly, Rhode Island in 1967, the factory became renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and the introduction of many beloved Guild acoustics. The dedication to innovation was apparent, with meticulous attention to detail. We’re excited to continue upholding these same standards and goals. 

Cant wait to try out one of the first Westerly Collection guitars? Use our dealer search app here to find the Guild dealer nearest you.

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  1. Short Scale Billy
    Short Scale Billy says:

    Yay, M140! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s become insanely hard to find 24.75″-scale guitars, as so many builders are producing only 25.5″-scale instruments. Yay for the spruce top! Now, consider building it in spruce and rosewood, for the people who missed out on an F-20 GSR Carpathian/cocobolo!

      • Rick McCargar
        Rick McCargar says:

        Is this line, the Westerly Collection, replacing the GAD?

        American Musical Supply was supposed to ship a F-150RCE to me September 4th to replace a defective one I received, and now they tell me that it is being discontinued.

        So, I don’t know if they are no longer carrying it, or if this Westerly will be the new guitar in that range…and I’m trying to figure out what to do.

        Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you,

          • Rick McCargar
            Rick McCargar says:

            Problem solved. AMS is ordering the Westerly Collection and will replace the defective GAD Jumbo guitar with the new model, and all is well with the least this part of it.

            I’m really looking forward to the new guitar!

          • Guild Guitars
            Guild Guitars says:

            Excellent, thanks for letting us know. You will love your new F-150CE. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. john lumpkin
    john lumpkin says:

    I am a happy guild owner; GAD-50 and old D55 – both outstanding in playability and sound performance. Thinking of adding a D150, but now think that mechanically the GAD50 and D150 are identical; aesthetically different, but materials and geometry that influence the sound are likely the same – or are they? In short, is the D150 a performance upgrade to the GAD50? [I’ll test at the store, but wanted to get a Guild technical response].

  3. David Union
    David Union says:

    I have a westerly F50, and am looking for basically a westerly-like FJ412/”double blonde”, which had light maple for most of the wood (sides, back), I am not sure if the top was spruce or yet another maple, but I played one a long time ago and liked it. Back then I believe the backs and tops were one-piece (arched). Based on the photos maybe the current ones are split two piece and the backs are laminated, I don’t know if the are arched the same way. What is the closest model you currently have to that? My current 12 string is in need of replacement.

    • Guild Guitars
      Guild Guitars says:

      Hi David! Currently, we don’t have any arched top 12-strings with Maple back/sides. The closest would be the F-2512E Maple which has a solid Spruce top, maple sides, and an arched (laminate) maple back or the F-1512, which has a solid Spruce top and solid Indian rosewood back/sides!

  4. aleksandar
    aleksandar says:

    hi. in some music store guild D-240e are made in california in some story made in china, is that the same guitar or diferent, if I buy made in china is that a original guild guitar or china copy. thanks

    • Guild Guitars
      Guild Guitars says:


      The Guild D-240E is not made in California. You can check out all of the acoustics that are currently made in California here!

  5. Peter
    Peter says:

    I find it insulting to have a line of guitars named the “Westerly” collection after the horrible way the Westerly employees were treated after Fender took their jobs and dismantled the company.

  6. Phil Vandermost
    Phil Vandermost says:

    I have Guild DV-52 purchased new directly from Fender in 2000. The label says Westerly RI, and the instrument is stamped Made in USA on the back of the headstock. SN #AD523553. Was it made in Westerly?

  7. Mike
    Mike says:

    I have a new Guild D140, made in China. The model #: G1162262. Does anyone have the code for when this guitar was made? I say new because I bought in 11/17

  8. Joachim Dudda
    Joachim Dudda says:

    I have bought a brandnew Guild D-1212E from the Westerly Collection, which is made in your China Factory.
    Differing to my Guild D-150 from GAD-series, this new guitar doesn’t show any serial-number on the label inside the guitar. At the end of the guitar-neck inside is mounted the fabric battery bag for Fishman Sonitone, there is also no serial-no. to be seen.
    Please let me know, if there are no serial-numbers for those Guilds from your westerly collection anymore?

  9. David Reed
    David Reed says:

    It’s really interesting that several very important questions remain unanswered. Hmmmm. I’m in the market for a f1512e and still can’t find out if they are made in a Guild specific Chinese Factory or a coop Factory. Please tell us. Either way Guild, if you are proud of the workmanship and the materials why not tell us Publicly?


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