X-175 Manhattan in Antique Sunburst

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List Price: $1,530

A Closer Look at the X-175 Manhattan Pickups

The Guild Franz P90 Dog Ear single coil pickups have been offered in many electric guitars throughout Guild’s history. Originally known as “Frequency-Tested” pickups in their early years, these P90-style gems were first manufactured by the Franz company in New York. The Franz P90 is a faithful reproduction offering the classic tone profile of the original. The alnico 5 magnets and wide bobbin platform produce a detailed, crisp tone with plenty of output and sustain, creating a vintage voice suitable for any style. Also available as a Soapbar version for use in solid body guitars.

The X-175 Manhattan In Action

Curious how the X-175 Manhattan compares to our other guitars? Guitarist Magazine compares the X-175 Manhattan to the Starfire IV here.

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